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new camera smart-i new camera smart-i
new camera smart-i

KE-8000SX Series

H.264 Codec
4/8/16 Ch Video & 4 Ch Audio
400/440 fps Recording at CIF
2U Height Case


Power up recording speed up to 200/240 fps at a affordable price structure. Not only recording speed but also image quality has been fully empowered in this series.

 Main Features

 O/S : Embedded Linux
 Audio : G723.1
 Internal Bay : 4 x SATA HDDs or 3 x SATA HDDs & 1 x DVD-Burner
 Built-In 4/8 Ch Video Loop-Out (16 Ch : Optional)
 3 Main Monitors (Composite, S-VHS & VGA) & 1 Spot Monitor (Composite)
 4/8/16 Alarm Input & 4 Alarm Output
 Power : D/C 12V, 5~7A
 Dimension (WxHxD) : 420 x 88 x 428 mm
 Certification : CE, FCC, MIC, WEEE & RoHS

Quick Manual_H.264 DVR_20100505.pdf

User Manual_H.264 DVR_20100301.pdf



Compression Algorithm

Video Compression

DVR-dedicated H.264 compression chip for H/W compression.
No more comparison with MPEG4 or H.263.
* 60~70% of file size than MPEG4

Audio Compression

World best G.723.1 audio compression algorithm.
* The best bit rate than any others : 6.3 kbps
Precise synchronization of video and audio on both local and remote playback.

Image Quality

Crystal-like real-time recording up to D1 resolution.
De-interlaced feature at D1 resolution without any ghost residue.


Real-Time Networking

Real-Time Transmission-

DVR can transmit distortion-free images at real-time speed under all resolution mode over network.

Dual-Stream Function

DVR simultaneously generates dual-stream images with adjustable fps and resolution (one for recording & the other for network transmission) for effective control of recording image quality and network traffic.

Bandwidth Control Function

DVR can control the data volume transmitted over network ranging from 25 kbps up to 100 kbps. This function is effective especially under narrow bandwidth network situation or when user wants to refine “network bandwidth occupied by video transmission” to a certain level.


Remote Management

- Integrated Network Solution

Enterprise-level central management solution (CMS & RMS Software) guarantees unlimited scalability and control for all Canada I products such as DVR and IP camera over network.

- Mobile Viewer up to Market Trend

Canada I provides versatile mobile monitoring features. Under WAP Connection mode, user can connect to DVR by any kinds of mobile phone (2G & 3G) without installing any software on the phone. Smart phone connection through Wi-Fi or 3G is available for Windows Mobile O/S phone & Black Berry & iPhone, too.

- Scheduled Remote Backup

User can remotely backup the massive volume of data according to scheduled program at CMS software. Especially when the sensor is triggered, the system makes instant network connection and starts data backup.


System Stability

Premium Hardware Design

Premium H/W platform with powerful CPU (up to 1.5 GHz) will lead user to enjoy unbeatable system performance and stability.

System Recovery

System will be automatically rebooted by watchdog function under abnormal situation. Besides, user can remotely reboot the system through M/S IE.

System HDD Health Check

DVR constantly check the system status, and generates warning message and alarm sound if any abnormal situation is found. 
Especially for HDD status, user can get the full information such as “capacity, bad sector ratio, life time (used period) and temperature” for instant action to prevent any loss of recorded image.

MODEL KE-8004MX (4 Ch) KE-8008MX (8 Ch) KE-8016SX (16 Ch)
  Compression Algorithm H.264 Hardware Compression
  HDD & DVD Bay (*) 2 x SATA HDD & 1 x IDE DVD 4 x SATA HDD & 1 x IDE DVD
  Operating System Embedded Linux
  Video    Input 4 Ch 8 Ch 16 Ch
  Loop-Out 4 Ch (Built-in) 8 Ch (Built-in) 16 Ch (Built-in)
  Video Mode NTSC/PAL Selectable
  Audio Input / Output 4 Ch Input / 1 Ch Output 8 Ch Input / 1 Ch Output
  Display Speed (NTSC/ PAL) 120/100 fps 240/200 fps 480/400 fps
  Screen Modes for Live Display 1, 4 & PIP 1, 4, 9 & PIP 1, 4, 9, 16 & PIP
  Monitor Output   VGA Board On Main Board
  Monitor Main Monitor (Composite,S-VHS & VGA) & Spot Monitor (Composite)
VGA Resolution : 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 & 1280x1024 (Selectable)
  Recording Speed
  352x240/288(CIF) 120/100 fps 240/200 fps 480/400 fps
  720x240/288(2CIF) 120/100 fps 120/100 fps 240/200 fps
  720x480/576(D1) 60/50 fps 60/50 fps 120/100 fps
  Recording Resolution NTSC : 352x240, 720x240, 720x480,  PAL : 352x288, 720x288, 720x576
  Recording Modes Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor-Activated & Motion Detection Recording
Pre & Post Alarm Recording, Emergency Recording, Quick Backup
  Playback & Search    Speed x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32
  Function 1, 4, 9 & 16 Ch (Multi-Channel Playback)
Intelli-Search by Time Bar, Calendar (Date & Time) and Event/system Search
  Alarm I/O & Camera Connection M : N Mapping
  Alarm Input / Output 4 Ch / 4 Ch 8 Ch / 4 Ch 16 Ch / 4 Ch
  P/T/Z Control and Port Virtual Joy-Stick Control on screen by mouse
Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris, RS-485 Port
  LAN 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet (RJ45) – Fixed IP, DHCP & DDNS
  Function Video Dual-Stream (Local recording & Network Transmission)
Multi-to-Multi Connection, Multi-Channel Transmission
Live Monitoring, Remote Playback and File Backup (Triplex-on-Remote)
Remote & E-Mail Notification, Remote System Reboot by IE
  Remote PTZ Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris
  Remote Management   Software RMS (RemoteManager) & CMS (CentralManager)
  Web (IE) Live Monitoring & Playback, System Configuration
  Backup Device    Internal DVD Burner (Option)
  External USB Memory Stick & USB HDD (by USB 2.0 Port)
  System Recovery after Power Failure Auto-Reboot and Journaling File System
Auto-Scan and Data Recovery
  Advanced Functions Multi-Language, Auto Page Sequencing, Event Log Viewer, 
Access Control by Password, LED Indicator for Various status,
System Upgrade by USB/Network, System & Event Log Export (txt file)
Configuration Import/Export, Water-Mark, AVI File Backup
System Temperature Checking and Auto Alarm for Over-Temperature
  System Operation Front Button, IR Remote Controller, USB Mouse, Keyboard (Option)
  Power 12V x 5A D/C 12V x 7A D/C A/C 100~220V, 50~60Hz
  Storage Temperature and Humidity -20~60  / 20~95% RH
  Operating Temperature and Humidity 5~40  / 20~80% RH
  Dimension (WxDxH) & Weight 360 x 380 x 66 (mm) 420 x 428 x 88 (mm) & 5.4 Kg
  Certification CE & FCC & MIC & WEEE, RoHS
(*) No of bay may differ depending on the DVR case    
(*) Specification is subject to change without prior notice    


No. Name Description
1 Video-In Connect camera. (Supports NTSC/PAL)
2 Video Loop-Out Loop-out of camera images
3 Audio-In Connect the audio input device (with amplifier)
4 Audio-Out Connect the audio output device (with amplifier)
5 Video-Out Connect the CCTV monitor
6 S-Video Connect to S-Video terminal
7 Spot-Out Connect the spot monitor
8 VGA-Out Connect the P/C(VGA) monitor
9 USB Port USB port for mouse operation or Image backup
10 LAN Port 10/100 Ethernet connection terminal
11 NTSC/PAL Selection Select the video signal type
12 RS-485 Port Connect the PTZ camera and Keyboard controller
13 Sensor Input Connect the external sensor
14 Alarm Output Connect the external alarm device
15 Power Input Power cable connection (Default : 12 V, 5~7A)
16 Grounding Terminal For device grounding



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