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CMS (Central Manager Software)



Enterprise-Level Management Software
Max.180 Channel Monitoring with 5 Monitors Supported



 Main Features


STL  CMS is a powerful centralized management solution that offers users full flexibility to control the entire system over the network, and consists of 4 functional modules, System Monitoring, Image Display, E-Map and System Configuration. User can set automatic backup schedule for effective handling of massive volume of video data, and also get the full monitoring on system status such as system temperature, CPU burden, network bandwidth in usage, etc,…


User Manual_CMS_20100301.pdf


Max. 180 Channel Real-Time Monitoring

STL CMS can monitor up to 180 channels simultaneously from anywhere in the world. A maximum 144 channels can be shown on one monitor with a wide range of screen split modes such as 1, 4, 9, 16 and more…

Up to 5 Monitors on a Single P/C Workstation

User can connect up to 5 VGA monitors on a single P/C workstation under much less CPU burden and thus effectively allocate each monitor for specific purpose.


Cloning Features to Create a Separate Window

Only STL CMS is equipped with WINDOW CLONING feature which is one of the quite unique and effective tools for flexible system management, ensuring users to create up to 4 additional windows as far as system hardware is allowed.


Multi-Layer E-Map Editor

E-Map feature is to provide graphic map information for users to overview entire CCTV layout, ensuring efficient management of the connected devices over network.



Many More…

System Health Check, Multiple F/W Upgrade, Various Search & Backup Modes and IP Auto-Detection for whole connected devices, …

System Requirement






Windows XP and Vista

Windows XP and Vista


Intel Pentium IV 3.0 and Over

Intel Core2 DUO 2.4 and Over


1 GB Min

2 GB Min


128 MB Min

256 MB Min

HDD (free space)

30 MB Min

30 MB Min


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