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new camera smart-i

SMS (Storage Manager Software)



Master Storage Software
to be used mainly with IP Products

 Main Features
STL  provides its unique master storage solution, offering
to record live video & audio data from all STL products
over network and manage recorded data with full flexibility.
Under effective combination with CMS, user can build up
perfect total management system like no others in the
security industry.



Simultaneous Recording up to 200 Cannels
SMS can simultaneously record up to 200 channels over network. Moreover, it provides pre & post event recording by sensor-activation.
Perfect Compatibility with CMS
SMS is perfectly compatible to CMS since both are operated under a unique Canada I network platform. SMS provides its data based image data when requested by CMS, and thus user can remotely search and playback the data on the master storage server just on CMS platform.
Live Monitoring of Recording Status
If user wants to make it sure to view recording status to avoid any data loss, pop-up screen (image player) can be shown by just one mouse click.
Quick Search Function
SMS supports Quick Search function to enable user to instantly search and playback the desired data.
Up to 23 Pieces of Multi-HDDs Management
Multi-HDDs management is one of the strong features of SMS. By using this capability, SMS can effectively handle massive volume of video & audio data and achieve long-term data storage.

System Requirement
Classification Minimum Recommended
OS Windows XP and Vista Windows XP and Vista
CPU Pentium Ⅳ 2.0 and Over Intel Core2 DUO 1.8 and Over
RAM 512 MB Min 1 GB Min
VGA 1024 x 768, 24bit color
64 MB Min
1024 x 768, 24bit color, DirectX support
256 MB Min (No shared memory)
HDD (free space) 20 MB 20 MB for installation
10GB for Remote Backup


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