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new camera smart-i new camera smart-i
new camera smart-i

Web Viewer


 Main Features
With built-in web server, user can be always connected to the system by ordinary web-browser for live monitoring, VOD playback and system configuration without installing any software.


16 Channel Web Monitoring
User can monitor live video in 1, 4, 9 or 16 screen mode. If user wants to see single channel in full screen, then user can make double-clicks of the left mouse button positioned on the live video screen.
16 Channel Web Playback
User can remotely playback the DVR images, and search by calendar & intelli-search bar.
Web Configuration
User can make various configuration in Web Configuration menu.
System, Device, Record, Network & Quick Setup

Captured GUI
Backup Player  
Easy Playback with Watermark
 Main Feature
Backup Player is automatically transferred and saved on the backup media together with the selected video clip, and thus, user can playback backup data just by one-click.

STL  I’s propriety file format of SSF can be converted to AVI format for offering user’s convenience in playback. And Backup Player provides watermark function for users to verify whether the AVI file has been altered or not by just one-click.

HDD Capacity Calculator  
Simply Estimation of HDD Capacity Requirement
 Main Feature

The actual HDD capacity largely varies depending on the site situation and DVR setting such as movement complexity, recording mode, PTZ camera and night-time noise, etc. The capacity calculated by HDD Calculator is just for your reference only based on continuous recording mode.


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